We believe in God Almighty and Sovereign Lord who is perfect in love and passionate for justice and the sovereignty of people.

Envisioning God with the eyes of the poor, the oppressed and the marginalized and as the empowering God who suffers together with those who suffer, enlisting them as partners in the process of redemption, reconciliation and recreation.

We believe that Jesus brought this knowledge of God and keeps calling everyone to turn towards God, to work for God’s just rule and thus be redeemed, reconciled and become part of a new humanity of peace with justice.

Our supreme model for life is Jesus and our source of power to live is the spirit of the Risen one.

We seek to follow in the footsteps of Jesus whose life exemplified God’s perfect compassion and embodied God’s plan for the whole creation. We are challenged by the humility of Jesus who overcame his culture conditioning and all commonly held prejudices by being willing to learn even from the despised and rejected of the world.

We are infused by the same confidence as was present in him that the powers of evil (i e. of false religion, corrupt, partisan and authoritarian politics, casteist oppression of Dalits, the culture of male dominance, capitalist exploitation…) will be undermined through our ministry empowered by Him.

This ministry is the ministry of lifting up the Human one, i.e. we have come to learn that Jesus’ understanding of His cross as the cross of the lifted up Human one, meaning: He is to be seen always as lifted together with all those who are victims of the powers of domination and injustice. It is our task to proclaim and interpret this partnership of the Human one with the oppressed in God’s process of redemption.

It is our fond hope that a better understanding will emerge among all Christians and that there will be many who will seek to have their names enlisted in the book of life of the Lamb Slain from the Foundation of the World. This alone is the way to safeguard ourselves from becoming servants of the Beast bearing the mark of 666.

We draw inspiration from the manifold struggles of people’s movements who organize the most oppressed sections and work for alternative development in harmony with nature through their constructive work, even under conditions of heightened repression and shrinking democratic spaces.

We oppose the emergence of an arms race in the subcontinent, especially nuclear arms and nuclear energy. We try to learn from the experiments in alternative agriculture, medicine, and education and from the alliance building across the barriers of caste, language, religion and ideology.

We strive to use our institutional resources in line with the tenets of alternative development and ecological sustainability.

We dedicate ourselves to a vision where nature can praise its creator and people can live in creativity and peace.

Let there be Life!